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Working with us

Save 50% on your first order just by working with us

We’re more than just an online shop! At SOPM, we take pride in going the extra mile, and will work closely with you to make the most of your opportunities, providing valuable support that will help to maximise your business.

Come and join us at our warehouse in Lee-on-the-Solent, where we’ll happily give you a guided tour of our facilities and introduce you to our friendly team who will be looking after you. You’ll be able to see first-hand how we work and the great quality of our products. Plus, together we’ll be able to discuss and create a personalised plan for your services (over a tea or coffee!), ensuring your requirements and needs are met.

Whether you’re a small company just starting out and looking to expand, or a major organisation in the industry looking to increase business potential – we’d love the chance to work together.

As an added bonus, you’ll receive 50% off your first order with us, up to a maximum discount of £750.

How we can help

Custom Branded Product Brochures

Complete with your logo and pricing structure, our in-house designers can create your own branded product brochure. These are a great way of showcasing the variety of markings you provide to your customers. What’s more, we’ll even cover the cost for you*.

Marketing Material

Need illustrations or real images of markings, either for advertising or sending directly to a client? We can offer quick and easy access to an extensive range of photos and illustrations for all our games and markings on request.

Bespoke Projects

Got a tricky project where something “off the shelf” just won’t cut it? Our dedicated graphic designers are on hand to offer a collaborative approach in creating a design that’s completely bespoke to you and your business. School logos are particularly popular among the education sector.

Playground Marking Design

If you’re working with a client who requires a visual of their proposed playground, our talented design team can work with you and your customer to produce an accurate and detailed design plan. The client can then see exactly what the end product would look like, helping you to win their business.

If you would like to arrange a guided tour and meeting, or if you have any questions at all, please contact us on 0800 061 42 42 and we’ll be glad to help.

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